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Remote Password Hacking / Stealer Tool

Remote Keylogger to Hack E-Mail Account Passwords.

I had posted Azure AIO Keylogger, Star Tools, Ref Stealer and many other keyloggers previously to hack e-mail account passwords. Here i'm adding one more keylogger to the list - tDev1l Keylogger.

Hack E-Mail Passwords using Remote Password Hacking Tool

tDev1l keylogger is used to steal all stored passwords on victim computer. When victim opens our sent keylogger on his computer, it searches for all saved passwords on his computer and then simply sends those saved passwords along with user ids to you via email.

How to use tDev1l keylogger?

1. First of all download tDev1l keylogger from here.

You need a registration key to unlock it. Use one of these: tdev1l-its-0k-2-cry or devil-its-0k-2-cry

2. Run "tDevil.exe" file to get something like this:

3. Now simply type in your Gmail email adress and password (You can create a gmail account only for keyloggers, like this one), in "Send Logs Every Minute" choose like 30, so every 30 minutes u will get a email with the key logs. Now press "Build" and send the built app to victim. When they open nothing happens, but there keylogged and every 30 min u will get email with there key logs in.

4. To remove the Keylogger from your pc open taskmanager and kill the process "server.exe".

Now all you have to do is spread the server around and infect people with it and soon you will have lots of email in your gmail account with there Keystrokes.

5. This password stealer server is detected as virus during runtime. But, its 100% FUD (Fully Undetectable) during scantime. So, you can use Crypter / Binder to get rid of antivirus detection.

Very Important: Do not scan these tools on VirusTotal. Use and also check the "Do not distribute the sample" option.

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to post a comment!

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  1. WOW! I am somehow amazed with this development and would definitely like to try for at least once.

    network support technician

  2. When everybody gets arrested because the Feds are petrified of all things hacker - call Jay Leiderman- he helped me when I had false charges. - Sm0k3r

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